What is the one thing you feel people don’t know about Inner Loop?


The bullet shell is a very controversial subject and often strikes a nerve with many individuals as being pro-gun or pro-violence when











in actuality through the deconstruction of it I am trying to have it represent the complete opposite. That the bullet shell is not something to be afraid of. That it can be broken down and changed into something that offers the wearer protection in a sense.

Does Inner Loop get involved in any giving back / charitable initiatives?


This was the first charitable event that I have participated

in personally. I have given donations to several different organizations for raffles and










silent auctions. Moving forward I would like to become more involved with giving back to the youth

in Rochester.





"…I could not be prouder

of the art scene that has developed here and the community of artists that

I belong to."

In six words, describe a day in your shoes?


Constantly moving between one project and another.


How do you find balance between job(s), your company, and life in general?


To be honest, this is something I am just currently learning how to do. Since starting Inner Loop I have worked full time and worked at Inner Loop full time. I have been continuously moving from one thing to the next without much of a life outside of work (except to see Phish…of course). The last 7 months I have been pregnant and have learned what it means to slow down, to take it easy and to enjoy the small moments.