Around four months ago we set out to put together an event. What sort of event we weren’t exactly certain. And so like any creation, we started with a blank canvas. Our first few sessions weren’t exactly fruitful. The enthusiasm we all were craving just wasn’t there. One of the things I love about this team is our unwillingness to settle.


And so we kept at it.


Ideas were tossed around. Some stuck. And thankfully, some didn’t.

And then we realized it was not only right in front of us, but all around us, every day.


For one night we desperately wanted to capture the energy of this great city–put it in a

room and let it out of its cage. Tap into its maker mentality. Unleash its curious creativity.

And prod its philanthropic tendencies. The spirit of this city is infectious.

With that, AfterTaste was born.